It sure doesn’t feel like autumn, does it? But, nonetheless, today is the first day of fall.

With this summery weather though, we really have to ask what the rest of the year is going to look like as winter approaches. Does this unusual warm weather mean we’re going to pay dearly with a cold, bitter winter? According to Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips: Not so much!

“It is so Canadian to worry about winter before summery weather is even over.”

Well, can you blame us?

“There is going to be something for everybody. There are going to be some melting days, there are going to be some freezing days, and some wind chill numbing days … But I think it will make for maybe a shorter winter.”

So it looks like it will be business as usual in Canada this winter, and we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy this weather while we have it!

You can find the original CBC article HERE for the full interview, and check out last week’s blog for Fall home maintenance tips to make sure your home is ready!